Love as Spectrum

The violence inherent in ownership is a violence that privatizes. My definition of love is the investment and contribution to the creation or nurturing of a person, place, thing, or idea. Most folks who grow up in American society to a more or lesser degree are conditioned by their family, and other instituted bio-social environmentsContinue reading “Love as Spectrum”


We miss the old Barack The sold his soul Barack Blew up his foes Barack Straight out the fold Barack We hate the new Barack The “think he cool” Barack Call black people fools Barack Wanna be in the news Barack We miss the elite Barack Everything sweet Barack Flint water drink Barack Trayvon weepContinue reading “Weđź’–Barack”

A Bronx Tale: Respect Through Love or Fear

Born in Baltimore in the mid-eighties and growing up as a kid of the nineties there were tons of coming of age films that contributed to my sense of wonder and taught me lessons about life. A film that exemplified the lesson of growing up in a tough neighborhood and understanding the nuance and differenceContinue reading “A Bronx Tale: Respect Through Love or Fear”