The Failure of the EEOC

[O]ne hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free. They are not yet free from the bonds of injustice. And this nation, for all its hopes and all its boasts, will not be fully free until all of its citizens are free.Continue reading “The Failure of the EEOC”

No Romance Without Finance

The Political Economy of Monogamy “See, you gonna get caught.”  As the cousin of a close childhood friend tosses a packaged condom he finds laying inside a semi-closed laptop. That moment opened up a whole conversation between my friend and I about his cheating ways and the ways black men and women deny their ownContinue reading “No Romance Without Finance”

Democracy at Work

How owning the change can change work “Democracy isn’t something you do every four years. Democracy is what you do everyday.”  There’s a short documentary called Own The Change that showcases average, everyday, and regular people like you and me who became owners of their workplace. This documentary gives examples of a myriad of folksContinue reading “Democracy at Work”

7 Political Tactics of the Left

I’ve personally spent upwards of 7 years around liberals, radicals, and leftists working shoulder to shoulder at collective and cooperative ventures including owning a cafe & bookstore, working weekends for about 8 months on an urban farm, and sooooo many meetings, conferences, and talks. From personal and intimate relationships to business relationships, presented here areContinue reading “7 Political Tactics of the Left”


We miss the old Barack The sold his soul Barack Blew up his foes Barack Straight out the fold Barack We hate the new Barack The “think he cool” Barack Call black people fools Barack Wanna be in the news Barack We miss the elite Barack Everything sweet Barack Flint water drink Barack Trayvon weepContinue reading “We💖Barack”

For HBCUs PLUS loans are predatory capitalism at the federal level

[Editor’s Note: Published by Age of Awareness on Medium May 2019] Recently Bennett College a four-year liberal arts women’s college in Greensboro, North Carolina, has been in the news; not for its history of being one of only two all women HBCUs in the country, not for any of its notable successful alumni but forContinue reading “For HBCUs PLUS loans are predatory capitalism at the federal level”

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