“Hey baby, when I write, I’m the hero of my shit.”

~Charles Bukowski

  • Lessons Learn’t
    Go It Alone SO CHECK IT! In my senior year in highschool one of my classes was social studies. My teacher was a person who instead of teaching from the dry and boring curriculum decided to create a debate. The debate would be “for” or “against” marijuana legalization. He separated the class into two teamsContinue reading “Lessons Learn’t”
  • Lessons Learn’t
    “Life’s A Trip” SO BOOM! When I was in 8th grade I went to Booker T. Washington Middle school in Baltimore. It’s named after THAT Booker T, the one who dug himself ‘Up From Slavery,’ not the wrestler that goes, “Can You Dig That, Sucka?” Our class was out for lunch and some of theContinue reading “Lessons Learn’t”
  • On Culture
    “Not “bad” meaning bad but “bad” meaning good.”   ~Run DMC When we talk about culture it’s obvious that culture is such a cornerstone of human life as it describes a realm of creation and invention necessary to the growth and development of a society. Society is structured in a particular way and culture inContinue reading “On Culture”
  • Love as Spectrum
    The violence inherent in ownership is a violence that privatizes. My definition of love is the investment and contribution to the creation or nurturing of a person, place, thing, or idea. Most folks who grow up in American society to a more or lesser degree are conditioned by their family, and other instituted bio-social environmentsContinue reading “Love as Spectrum”
  • No Romance Without Finance
    The Political Economy of Monogamy “See, you gonna get caught.”  As the cousin of a close childhood friend tosses a packaged condom he finds laying inside a semi-closed laptop. That moment opened up a whole conversation between my friend and I about his cheating ways and the ways black men and women deny their ownContinue reading “No Romance Without Finance”
  • A Bronx Tale: Respect Through Love or Fear
    Born in Baltimore in the mid-eighties and growing up as a kid of the nineties there were tons of coming of age films that contributed to my sense of wonder and taught me lessons about life. A film that exemplified the lesson of growing up in a tough neighborhood and understanding the nuance and differenceContinue reading “A Bronx Tale: Respect Through Love or Fear”
  • ABC’s of Death
    When I step out my front door glossed with cracked paint out onto my stoop in Southwest Baltimore Md I peer down at the cracked pavement and lift my head to the desert that is home. Devoid of a suburbanization that I would resent anyway and it feels less. I see what could be throughContinue reading “ABC’s of Death”

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