We miss the old Barack

The sold his soul Barack

Blew up his foes Barack

Straight out the fold Barack

We hate the new Barack

The “think he cool” Barack

Call black people fools Barack

Wanna be in the news Barack

We miss the elite Barack

Everything sweet Barack

Flint water drink Barack

Trayvon weep Barack

See We invented Barack

Expected wins from Barack

Now we look and look around and see so many Baracks

We use to love Barack

We use to love Barack

Even bought a tan suit

We thought we was Barack

What if Barack wrote a book, about Barack

Called, “I’d Bomb the Old Barack”

That’d be so Barack

That’s all it was Barack

We still love Barack

And he don’t love us like Barack,

loves Barack

Published by clare

Entrepreneur, writer, organic intellectual scholar, avid reader and cat whisperer.

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